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        簡體中文 | English

        Talent Center

        Recruitment notice

        Zhejiang Tianrui Pharmaceutical HR goals

            Focus on the company's central work, strengthen human resource management team of its own building, to enhance the overall level and work performance of human resource management; promote strategic restructuring and organizational changes the company's human resource management initiative for the business departments to provide a full range of HR services and training support; expand internal growth and external talent talent gathered channel for the sustainable development of the company to do high-quality personnel reserve; give full play to the spiritual and material advantages Shui fully mobilize all positive factors, through the various types of personnel selection, training, evaluation, motivation and rational allocation, to create a team with international standards, and be able to continue to push the great cause Shui outstanding team forward.

        Job Announcement

        First, the details of each, please note Careers Jobs in jobs.

        Second, you can send your resume to HR recruitment email ( zjtr@zjtr.com )

        Three, who came to our candidates are required to submit your passport a colored hat, by mail, please send your resume to submit in the annex; online resume may be submitted directly online.

        Fourth, we will promptly handle your application, resume screening by staff, we will contact you to arrange an interview time.

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