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             Zhejiang Tianrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (former Ruian Pharmaceutical Factory), founded in 1971, is an integrated pharmaceutical company, is located in No. 188 Ryan Road, Economic Development Zone Yu Meng. The company's total assets amounted to 300 million yuan, covers an area of 45,300 square meters, has a modern garden-standard plant 30,000 square meters and 20,000 square meters standard storage center. Company employees 620 people, including high, intermediate grade technical management and professional staff of 120 people, with 11 departments of production technology, quality assurance, quality control, new product development, Ministry of Commerce, Marketing, etc. , eight manufacturing plants, 12 offices in the province, a provincial science and technology research and development center, a Curcuma GAP base, a training center.

             The company since 2000 have been introduced in Germany, Japan, Austria, the United States and other countries of advanced plastic bottles, non-PVC soft bag infusion lines. The company is also equipped with high-tech testing equipment to ensure product quality, the formation of advanced production systems. Meanwhile, in cooperation with Beijing Institute of Technology, School of Pharmacy, Yantai University, China Pharmaceutical and Biological Products, Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Zhejiang Province, Drug, Wenzhou Medical College, more than 10 institutions (the) development of new drugs.

             Our main products are high-capacity injection, small volume injections, tablets, hard plastic Nang, granules, bulk drugs and traditional Chinese medicine extract (Curcuma oil) and other forms of more than 100 varieties of medicines, all of the new GMP certification through the National Drug . Currently, the company has an annual output of 20 million bottles of infusion glass bottles, polypropylene plastic bottles of 100 million bottles of infusion, 80 million bags of non-PVC multi-layer co-extruded film infusion bags, 200 million small volume injections and tablets annual 500 million , 100 million bags of granules, hard capsules 200 million of production scale, the annual output of various types of chemical synthesis pharmaceutical raw materials more than 300 tons, 30 tons of oil extracted Curcuma.

             Company after decades of entrepreneurship and innovation, has developed into a large-scale domestic pharmaceutical companies, is a national high-tech enterprises, the provincial tax AAA grade corporate tax credit, the Agricultural Bank of AAA-credit enterprises, the provincial-level enterprise business regulation, energy metering province demonstration enterprises, enterprises in Wenzhou City vitality harmony, peace demonstration enterprises in Wenzhou City, Wenzhou City, the second batch of companies to be listed, Ruian City on 20 top fifty industrial enterprises, Ruian four-star enterprises. Curcuma oil products eligible for famous brand in Zhejiang Province.

             At present, the company go all out efforts to implement the "Twelfth Five Year Plan", will establish three centers, two bases (that is, production technology center, new product research and development centers, medical education and training center, Curcuma GAP base and sales distribution base and strive to build China's leading drug manufacturers, among the top 100 Chinese pharmaceutical companies.

        Corporate purposes
        The spirit of enterprise
        Business Management
        Business lines
        Quality Policy
        Administrative work policy
        Business talent

        Serve the public, for the benefit of mankind.
        Integrity, unity, learning and innovation.
        People-oriented, gather intelligence, scientific and standardized, quality first.
        To win the quality reputation, brand and marketing.
        All the time to do everything, to create zero-defect quality.
        Unity, pragmatic truth, simple and efficient, pioneering and innovative.
        Potential to be cultured to be tapped, we provide opportunities;
        Strength can create, can leap, we provide a stage!

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